Wednesday 27 April 2016

Configuring NTP settings (Command Line)

Here we will understand how we can configure NTP settings through vMA by using (vicfg ) commands. 

To understand how to configure the vMA and to set the Esxi host as target refer 

1 ) Setting ESXI host as the current server target using.                

vifptarget  -s server (Replace Server with ESXi FQDN)

2)  List if any NTP servers are already configured on ESXI using below command.

         vicfg-ntp  -- list

 If no NTP servers are configured you will see information like below.

3) Before configuring the NTP servers will stop NTP service.
      vicfg-ntp -- stop

4) Add the NTP server
     vicfg-ntp -- add server (replace server with your NTP server address)

5) After the NTP server has been added start NTP service
      vicfg-ntp -- start

6) Again run the list command to ensure the NTP servers has been added properly
       vicfg-ntp  -- list

Based on the NTP server details you have added you will see output similar to screenshot below.

For More information refer 

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