Wednesday 27 April 2016

Back to Basics -Part 12 Adding users in vMA

In our couple of blog post related to Back to Basics Series we discussed about Virtual Machine Files (Part1), Standard Switches (Part2), vCenter Server (Part 3),Templates (Part4) vApp (Part 5), Migration (Part 6),Cloning (Part 7), Host Profiles (Part 8), Virtual Volumes AKA VVOL's (Part 9) FaulFault Tolerance (Part 10) and Distributed Switches (Part 11)

Dedicated this article to understand how can we add users in vSphere Management assistant (vMA)

To add user make sure that we have already added the ESXi as server target in vMA and you are connected to the same.

vifp addserver servername  --authpolicy fpauth --username

Once ESXi has been added as a server target let's get connected with ESXi using the command.

vifptarget -s servername

Now it's time to add the user using the below command and specify the password twice
vicfg -user -e user -o add -l (name of the user)

Now when the user has been successfully added we can view if the recently created user exists by running the below command.

vicfg -user -e user -o list

For modifications of the recently created user we can run below command.

vicfg -user  -e user -o modify -l

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