Wednesday 27 April 2016

Back to Basics- Home Lab Part 2

We have already seen the number of VM's required and also the order of their installation in our last post (Back To Basics - Home Lab Part 1).

It's Time to Proceed Further with the installation of First Virtual Machine. 

Create a Domain Controller Virtual Machine 

Step 1: Allocate CPU and memory resources i have not allocated much resources to this VM (1vCPU and 2 GB RAM) if you want you can do so. 

If your doing this lab on your workstation environment choose the option of creating a new VM from your workstation.

If you are doing on physical box, make sure you have already installed ESXi on top of it and you are able to connect to your ESXi directly from vSphere Client. (Will also see the installation of ESXi once we are done with the installation of Domain controller).

Step 2: Mount the ISO ( i used win2k3, we can also go for win2008, 2008R2)

Step 3: Power on your VM and proceed further with the installation of guest os.

Step 4: Once the guest operating system is successfully installed open command prompt and run dcpromo command and proceed further with the installation steps as show below.

We have now successfully installed the first machine as per flow, don't forget to allocate ip address to this VM. As mentioned in our last post of this Home Lab Series.

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