Thursday 4 February 2016

Understanding Microsoft Azure

The entire week has been dedicated in understanding how Microsoft Azure works, well it's definitely a big learning curve when it comes in dealing with all new terminologies and how the backend architecture is designed.

I will try to ensure whatever i am learning this week will be sharing the same with you guys, so here we are.

Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a cloud offering solution provided by Microsoft which helps us to create, deploy and manage cloud based applications and infrastructure services.

It Allows us to perform compute or data storage operations by deploying and scaling the necessary resources on demand.

Azure Services

When it comes to Azure it provides a wide range of services to create, manage cloud based solutions.

Compute and Networking Services
  • Azure Virtual Machines- Helps in creating Virtual Machines
  • Azure Remote App- Provisioning of Windows based Applications
  • Azure Cloud Services- Paas Cloud Services
  • Azure Virtual Network- Network to connect virtual machines
  • Azure Express Route-  Dedicated high speed connection on premises to Azure
  • Traffic Manager-Load balancing and Availability.          

Web and Mobile Services
  • Azure Websites- Creation of Websites
  • Mobile Services- Service for mobile based Applications
  • API Management- Publish API Securely                                                                          
Data and Analytics Services
  • SQL Database- Relational Database for your Applications
  • Azure Redis Cache- High Performance caching
  • Azure Search- Provide a fully managed search service
Storage and Backup Service
  • Azure Storage- For Storing Data in BLOBs, tables and queues
  • Azure Backup- Using Azure as a Backup destination
Media and content delivery Services
  • Azure Media Services- For multimedia content
  • Azure CDN- Distribution of Content to various users
Hybrid Integration Services
  • Azure BizTalk Services- Orchestrations Solutions
  • Azure Service Bus- Connect Applications with on premises and cloud
Identity and Access Management Services
  • Azure Activer Directory- Integration of your on premises AD
  • Azure Multifactor Authentication- Additional security for verification

For more info refer Microsoft Azure Essentials

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