Wednesday 17 February 2016

Custom Properties

We have been dealing with a lot of stuff related to vRealize Automation in our last few blog posts vRealize Automation Installation Part 1vRealize Automation Installation Part 2Multi Machine Blueprints,vRA Layers and Roles and Provisioning Machines in vRA

Here are few scenarios i wish to achieve as per my business requirements. 

1) When user requests machines i want that user should get prompt for changing the name for the machine?

2) I want user who is requesting machine can also create multiple Snapshots. (By default it provides only 1 snapshot).

We can achieve this above requirements by using Custom Properties. 

Custom Properties

We can make use of custom properties to modify the machine during all the stages of its lifecycle like Request,Provision,Manage,Retire.

There are lots of tasks for which we can use the custom properties for example to customize the OS.

If we want user to be select the disk provisioning type, or we want user to select the no of Sockets he needs for the machine during the time when is requesting the service.

While defining the Custom Properties there are different objects that exist on which we can specify the custom properties like

  • Business Groups
  • Compute Resources
  • Endpoints
  • Reservation
  • Storage

For more information refer vRealize Automation Documentation Center

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