Sunday 14 February 2016

vRA Layers and Roles

We have been dealing with a lot of stuff related to vRealize Automation in our last few blog posts vRealize Automation Installation Part 1, vRealize Automation Installation Part 2 and Multi Machine Blueprints

Now when we know how vRA is installed and also seen the various architectural components which plays a vital role in vRA it's time to deal with various layers and understand how the roles fits in those layers.

1 Infrastructure Layer - Physical Servers, Clouds, Hypervisor (Endpoints)

Infrastructure layer is the first layer managed by System Wide Administrator.

System Wide Administrator also perform few other important tasks like,
  • Installation and Configuration of vRA.
  • Set up default configuration in default tenant (vSphere.local).
  • Creation of other tenants.
  • Sytem Branding
  • Creation of IaaS and tenant admins.

2 Infrastructure Fabric- Connects vRA to endpoints.

Infrastructure Fabric Layer is the second layer managed by IaaS Admin aka Infra Admin.

IaaS Admin also performs few other operations like.
  • Configuration of Infra Fabric by connecting various endpoints.
  • Creation of Fabric Group.
  • Assign Fabric Admin for Fabric Group.
  • Assign Compute Resources.

3 Fabric Group - Divides infra fabric into smaller chunks

Fabric Group is the third layer managed by Fabric Admin.

Fabric Admin also performs tasks likes
  • Configuration of Fabric Group.
  • Machine Prefixes.
  • Network Profile.
  • Create Business Group.
  • Configure Reservation for Business Group to use.

4 Tenant - An Organization  

Tenant Layer is the fourth layer managed by Tenant Admin.

Tenant Admin also has other tasks to perform like.
  • Configuring tenant specific branding.
  • Manage blueprints with context of that tenant.
  • Assign and Manage Business Group Managers, Approval Admins and Approvers.

5 Business Group - Internal Department within Organization

Business Group is the 5th layer controlled by Business Group Manger.

  • Business Group Manager can be an Approval Admin.
  • Can see and manage catalog services.
  • Can manage & create blueprints for the business groups.

For more information refer vRealize Automation Documentation Center

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