Tuesday 16 February 2016

Provisioning Machines in vRA

We have been dealing with a lot of stuff related to vRealize Automation in our last few blog posts vRealize Automation Installation Part 1vRealize Automation Installation Part 2, Multi Machine Blueprints,vRA Layers and Roles.

Before we proceed further we need to understand that the end user would be able to request for service only when the blueprint has been created, published to catalog, service entitlement has been already been done for that user.

Today we will be dealing with provisioning of Virtual Machines in vRA, so let's get started.

Requesting Machine Service

Provisioning requests can be made from the service catalog, which are made available to users at https://vRealize_Automation_server_FQDN/vcac/org/tenant_URL.
The default tenant URL is in the format https://vRealize_Automation_server_FQDN/vcac.
Business Group users can see all the blueprints for which they are entitled for and they can select any blueprint to start with the provisioning.
Depending how we have configured the blueprint user can change value for many attributes once the blueprint is selected for provisioning a virtual machine.
Multimachine blueprints also need to be published and entitled to users before they it can be provisioned.
While requesting the blueprints users can specify the number of machines to be provisioned, specifications for the component machines like CPU, Memory and storage depending upon the individual components blueprints.

Managing a Machine
Once the machine has been successfully provisioned there are lots of management actions which can be performed on the machine.
  • Install VMware Tools
  • Connect through SSH
  • Connect Using VMRC
  • Change the lease
  • Reconfigure Virtual Machine

We can easily assign and remove these management actions from the entitlements for some machine however can made it available for few other virtual machine.

 For more information refer vRealize Automation Documentation Center

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