Sunday 31 January 2016

vCenter Chargeback

vCenter Chargeback Server as the name suggests helps to measure and analyze the cost of workloads in vCloud environment and has four main components.

1) Runs web portal (Apache tomcat server) - for users and administrative interface.

2) Data Collectors - vCenter chargeback retrieves the virtual infrastructure inventory, resource and network usage information through data collectors. Three types of data collectors are available vCenter chargeback data collector (for vCenter Server) , vCloud Director data collector (for vCLoud Director) , vCNS data collector (for vCloud networking and security).

3) Built in Load balancer - (For scaling vCenter Chargeback Servers). Configure additional instances of vCenter Chargeback server to connect to built-in load balancer which is included with the installation of first instance. 

4) vCenter Chargeback Database- Data collector instances replicates the information to the vCenter Chargeback Database. It also stores other information like vCenter Chargeback heir achy, vCenter Chargeback user and roles, cost models and usage metrics and configuration settings.

Using VMware vCenter Chargeback with VMware vCloud Director

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