Monday 29 August 2016

VMware ESXi RollBack Home Lab Test Results

While working on my Home Lab I tested one of the important feature available in ESXi's i.e Host Networking RollBack as the name states RollBack any changes made to the Configuration of the ESXi host will automatically trigger Host Networking Rollback to a previous Valid Configuration.

So what all Configuration changes can trigger this Automatic RollBack for Our ESXi host ?

- Updating DNS and Routing Settings

- Updating the Speed or Duplex of a Physical NIC

- Changing the IP Settings of a Management VMkernel Network Adapter.

- Updating the Teaming and Failover Policies to a Port Group that contains the Management VMkernel Network Adapter.

I tried with the third one wherein i change the IP settings for Management VMkernel Network Adapter.

An automatic roll back occurred which made ESXi host to be restored to the previous Valid Configuration.

*Note: Installation/Configurations/Specifications methods used here has been Tested in My Home Lab Nested Environment .

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