Thursday 21 July 2016

VMware vCloud Air Overview

  • Secure public cloud service operated by VMware, which is built on the VMware vSphere. The service supports existing vSphere workloads and third party applications as well as new application development.
  • Combine the benefits of your existing vSphere data center with the agility of vCloud Air and you have a true Hybrid Cloud that is scalable, portable and agile enough to meet your growing business needs. 
  • The vCloud Air portfolio includes Infrastructure as a Service, Recovery as a Service and a vast catalog of supported Applications and Operating Systems. vCloud Air is offered as both subscription and pay as you go.
  • vCloud Air Offerings vCloud Air offers three separate service offerings, each includes essential compute, storage, and networking as well as a growing portfolio of add on features. Software you trust is now expanded into an easy-to-use cloud service that makes expanding your environment into the Hybrid Cloud easier than ever. 

Dedicated Cloud

A robust, physically isolated cloud compute offering. Dedicated cloud is a single-tenant cloud compute service that is ideal for enterprise users who need the benefits of a single tenant environment in which to host high-performance, custom and packaged applications, or highly variable Development and Test workloads. 

Virtual Private Cloud

Virtual Private Cloud offers a logically isolated, multi-tenant cloud compute service for utmost cloud agility. Available in either subscription or no-commitment Pay as you Go packaging, Virtual Private Cloud is a cost-effective Hybrid Cloud solution that provides considerable performance, value and expandability. 

Disaster Recovery 

A Recovery-as-a-Service solution that offers native cloud-based disaster recovery capabilities for VMware vSphere virtual environments. Logically isolated VM-based disaster recovery that is affordable and easy to use. Disaster Recovery protects your on-premises cloud infrastructure, providing self-service recovery options that fit your needs.

Why to choose Vmware Vcloud Air
  • Get the broadest OS and application support.
  • Go live faster. Much faster
  • Extend your virtual network without extending your to-do list
  • Keep costs and risks low
  • Stay confident about security and compliance
  • Give your business room to innovate
  • Get support from the people you trust
  • Go ahead, grow all you like.
  • Understand your bill

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