Friday 29 July 2016

An Insight to VMware NSX Layers

In our last blog post related to NSX Overview we discussed about Virtual Networks and seen how they differs from Network Virtualization provided by VMware NSX, 

As promised about writing more blog posts related to VMware NSX i have Dedicated this article to list various NSX Layers.

Data Plane
VMware NSX data plane consists of NSX vSwitch (which helps in abstracting  the physical network and provides access-level switching in the hypervisor) + Kernel Modules ( VXLAN , DLR , Firewall).

NSX vSwitch (vDS Based) is considered as central point for network virtualization because it helps in enabling the logical networks which works independently from physical networks.

NSX kernel modules, userspace agents, configuration files,and install scripts are packaged in VIBs and run within the hypervisor kernel to provide services such as distributed routing and logical firewall and to enable VXLAN bridging capabilities.

Control Plane
NSX Control planes runs in NSX controller cluster before we talk about the NSX controller cluster let's have a look what is this NSX controller.

NSX controller is an advanced distributed state management system that provides control plane functions for NSX logical switching and routing functions.It is the central control point for all logical switches within a network and maintains information about all hosts, logical switches (VXLANs), and distributed logical routers.

In order to achieve to achieve a high level of resiliency the NSX Controller is clustered for scale out and HA. NSX Controllers must be deployed in a three-node cluster.

NSX Controller Cluster has several roles to perform like API provider, Switch Manager, Logical Manager, Directory Server.

Management Plane
The NSX management plane is built by the NSX Manager, the centralized network management component of NSX. It provides the single point of configuration and REST API entry-points.

The NSX Manager is installed as a virtual appliance on any ESX™ host in your vCenter Server environment. NSX Manager and vCenter have a one-to-one relationship. For every instance of NSX Manager, there is one vCenter Server. 

Consumption Plane
Consumption plane is the topmost plane and can be driven through NSX manager interface which is available in vSphere Web client.

Well this is the place where we can tie network virtualization layer with our cloud management infrastructure for the dynamic network requirement for all our applications.

Out of Box integration is also available through VMware vCloud Automation Center, vCloud Director, and OpenStack with the Neutron plug-in for NSX.

For More information refer NSX Admin Guide

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