Thursday 10 March 2016

vCloud Director Roles

In our last blog post related to vCloud Director we discussed about vCloud Director Networking. In this blog will deal with various predefined roles that exists in vCloud Director and see what rights are available for each of these roles.

There are Six predefined roles that exist in vCloud Director and custom roles can also be created by copying these predefined roles and editing them.

System Administrator
  • System administrator is the super user or root user account in vCloud director.
  • System Admins can create and manage anything to everything in cloud.
  • System Admins can Create Organisations and can assign org admins.
  • System Admins can also create and and modify the predefined roles.

Organization Admin (Org Admin)
  • Org Admins can create and manage the users within that Organization.
  • View and edit the networks that are specific to that Organization.
  • Create new networks for their organization (Both Routed and Isolated).
  • System Admin can also edit the policies.(Quota, Lease).
  • However Org Admins can not create External Networks,Edge Gateways.

Catalog Author
  • Create and Publish catalogs.

vApp Author
  • Create, Manage and Modify vApp.
  • Create, Modify vApp Networks.
  • Can use catalogs for creating of vApp.

vApp User
  • Delete a vAPP
  • Start, Suspend, Stop a vApp.
  • Move and Copy vApp.
  • Can Edit the VM properties (Excluding Resource Settings)

Console Access Only
  • View Virtual Machine State
  • Can use the Virtual Machine Console.
  • Can Manage the Guest OS

For more information kindly refer Predefined Roles and Their Rights

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