Monday 21 March 2016

Troubleshooting Storage Issues

When it comes to dealing with storage related problem there could be n number of reasons contributing towards storage related problems for example it could be your ESXi, LUN, Paths, Datastore.

Today will discuss one of the problems that may occurs in your environment and will talk about few troubleshooting steps which we can perform to fix the problem. Most of the problems we will be discussing today are from my home lab environment and not necessary that you may see all of them but few of them.

Problem Scenario 

ISCSI Connectivity Issue.

I remember one of the scenarios where in there were few problems related to my ISCSI based storage where my ESXi host was facing connectivity issues with my storage. 

I was using software based ISCSI, it can also be hardware based ISCSI to further classify it could be independent hardware based ISCSI and Dependent Hardware ISCSI.

So where should we start identifying the problems related to this?

How i started with this let's have a look !

The first thing i started with is to have a look on the software based ISCSI configuration where in i verified if my ESXi and Storage can communicate properly and the issues was with the network connectivity as i have not done the proper port binding in this case due to which my storage and ESXi host were not able to communicate. 

I corrected the configuration and performed a quick rescan of my storage adapter and there we go i was able to see all the paths. If it would not had been this issue i may have proceeded further in identifying the various paths which are visible can be done from GUI the web client by clicking on the proper storage adapter for software based ISCI it was vmhba33 or can be done from command line.

Few Commands which can help us to troubleshoot this issue from command line are listed below.


Above command helps us identify the mapping between HBA and the Storage device that it provides paths to.

Above command can help us to perform quick rescan so as to see the proper LUN.

For more information refer VMware vSphere Documentation

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