Wednesday 27 February 2019

What do you expect from a free edition backup software ?

Recently i got to know that Vembu is running a survey wherein we can participate and tell them about our expectation from a free edition backup software, and i was quite impress to know that Vembu is really doing this because it’s really important to understand the user expectations so as to groom your product accordingly which not only meets the demands of the current but also the upcoming users. 

Vembu has been offering free edition since 2016 for VMwareHyper-V, Windows Server, Windows Workstation and are constantly improving the user experience of Vembu BDR Suite based on the feedback and requests received from the users.

Vembu Free Edition Survey

I did my part by recently submitted this short survey wherein i highlighted the key features I am expecting from a free edition of the backup software from a wide range of feature available including Application Aware Backup ProcessingAutomatic Backup SchedulingCBT I selected the one which i mostly use and want them to added as part of the free edition ranging from and many more to choose from. 

** Anyone can take this survey by following the link Vembu Free Edition Survey  and let them know about the expectations and stand chance to win an Amazon Gift Voucher worth $20 for sharing your thoughts.

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