Thursday 10 August 2017

What’s New Vembu Backup & Disaster Recovery Suite v3.8.0 – Part 1

Recently Vembu announced the latest version of their Vembu Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) Suite v3.8.0. I upgraded and tested the Vembu BDR Server in my Home Lab and thought of dedicating an article to discuss the new features and various enhancements that have been made available in the new release

Auto Authorization

To overcome situations where the backup data might be sent to an unknown server possibly because of human errors causing the sensitive Backup data to be vulnerable can be avoided by enabling the Auto authorization feature in Vembu BDR v3.8.0. It allows proxy agents to get registered to the backup server using a unique registration key generated by the respective Vembu BDR Server ensuring only the authorized clients can be connected to the server. 

How it Works

Auto Authorization feature can be enabled under Management > Settings > Auto Authorization. Once it is enabled, the Registration Key will be generated. This Passkey should be used at the time of client setup which will ensure the connection work between the Client and Server.

File Level Recovery

File Level Recovery is now available for both backup and replication jobs where the user can choose specific files and folders from VMware/Hyper-V/Disk Image backups and VMware replication. File level recovery option allows recovering individual files and folders of the image based backups from the console itself, without recovering the machine. 

Encryption Settings

Encryption settings option can be used to provide an additional security to image based backup jobs (both physical and virtual)  by assigning a custom-password to the backup server, ensuring all the backup data is encrypted and can be restored and accessed only by providing the custom-password.

I will be dedicating an another article soon to talk about some more features available in Vembu Backup and Disaster Recovery v3.8.0 as soon as they are tested in my Home Lab environment. Meanwhile here is the link to download the latest Vembu BDR Suite.

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