Monday 10 July 2017

10 Things we need to know - Vembu Cloud

I have already dedicated couple of articles talking about Vembu BDR wherein we have discussed about Top 5 reasons to choose Vembu BDRProduct Review Vembu BDR and we have also seen how we can Replicate Virtual Machine using Vembu BDR.

Dedicated this article to talk about 10 Important points we need to know about Vembu cloud services wherein we will be talking about Vembu CloudDRVembu Online BackupVembu SaaS Backup and Vembu BDR360.

  • Vembu CloudDR provide an extra data protection to the backed-up data by replicating the backed-up data to Vembu Cloud hosted in AWS, it also gives us an option to create a redundant copy of the backed-up data from multiple backup servers to Vembu cloud storage. In a case of backup server crash or hardware failure or any other disaster, the replicated data which is highly secure as it uses AES 256-Bit encryption can be restored from the Vembu cloud anywhere and anytime.
  • Vembu CloudDR services can be availed on a Pay-as-you go basis with 10GB of free storage with its availability in various regions including America, Asia Pacific and EMEA and it also gives us multiple options to restore including live VM boot on Vembu cloudrestoring via the internet anytime anywhere, and we can also download the restored data to USB drive.
  • Vembu Online Backup provides end-to-end secure backup for Windows, Linux & Mac Machines and applications like Exchange, SharePoint and SQL and is designed to meet compliance requirements based on local regulatory laws.
  • With Vembu Online Backup we can backup individual files and folders on Windows, Linux and Mac Machines irrespective of the fact whether they are hosted in virtual or physical environment, these files can be backed-up without any restriction in terms of size and the type of folders we have planned for backup.
  • When using the Vembu Online Backup for Microsoft SQL backup we can make use of MS SQL plugin which can help us to backup critical database and tables to Vembu Cloud and an entire SQL server can be recreated directly from Vembu Cloud.
  • When working with Vembu Online Backup administrators get a variety of scheduling options to choose from depending upon the requirements on how frequently the backups needs to be performed, as far as the retention of the backed-up data is concerned we can choose from either time-based retention or version based retention.
  • It’s time to consider another service which is part of Vembu Cloud and provides us backup solution for Office 365 and Google AppsVembu SaaS backup provides us secure cloud backup for backing up emails, drives, calendar, and contacts in office 365 environments.
  • Vembu SaaS backup is much needed to avoid any potential data loss for our business which can happen because of Hackingunauthorised access and data loss as it provides us various features including Automated Scheduling (Runs Backup on Daily Basis), Quick Search (Search email’s, documents and contacts while configuring the backup).
  • With Vembu SaaS backup we can download our backed-up google documents with single click means there is no need to restore the user account to access the file irrespective of the location and time.
  • Another solution available as part of Vembu Cloud is Vembu BDR 360, which provides us centralized management and monitoring portal to have a better visibility of our IT infrastructure currently backed-up by Vembu Backup and Disaster recovery solutions, with Vembu BDR 360 we can get a 360 degree birds eye view for all our Virtual Machines, Physical Servers, Applications and all the endpoints being protected by Vembu BDR suite.

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