Wednesday 21 June 2017

Ensuring Business Continuity With Vembu BDR

Recently got invite to attend Webinar on How to Address Data Center challenges hosted by Vembu Technologies which is a privately held, information technology company that specializes in developing software products in BackupDisaster Recovery and cloud storage domains

The Webinar will held on Tuesday July 4 @ 12:00 PM GST and I was able to get a brief insight about the topics being covered so though of dedicating a quick post covering those points which will give you an idea why you should attend this webinar.

1) How Fast can we recover data center during disaster - This is one of the most important question we need to address when designing the environment and Recoverability is considered to be part of the design phase, the webinar gives us the insight on how fast we can recover our data center during disaster.

2) Another Important point which will be addressed during the webinar is how can we avoid data loss during Disaster Recovery.

3 ) Planning P2V and V2V migrations

Save your spot - How to address Data Center Challenges 

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