Monday 1 May 2017

Server / Storage / Network Virtualization with VMware

Last week I Got a chance to dedicate Guest Blog Post @ Vembu Technologies Blog which is a privately held, information technology company that specializes in developing software products in Backup, Disaster Recovery and cloud storage domains. Vembu’s products serve data center IT-Administrators in small and medium businesses managing VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V and Physical Server environments and was founded in 2002.

So thought of dedicating the blog post talking about the most important question which is asked from me when delivering various VMware Courses i.e the various Types of Virtualization, Dedicated this post to give a quick overview and providing the link Types Of Virtualization – Know the Difference to the original post dedicated at Vembu's Blog

VMware vSphere or Server Virtualization is something with which most of us are familiar and have been using the same in our environment for a very long time now, and I have also dedicated lots of blog posts mostly in Back to Basic Series talking about various feature set available to us in VMware vSphere, Here is the link if in case you missed it Back to Basics

Moreover Storage Virtualization with VMware vSAN was introduced by VMware with the release of VMware vSphere 5.5 and since then a lot of cool features has been added, I have dedicated couple of articles talking about VMware vSAN and also discussed about creating a vSAN Cluster in my Home Lab environment here are the links discussing about the same in case you missed it. VMware VSAN Overview & VMware VSAN is Up and Running Now @ Home Lab

Network Virtualization with VMware NSX we can remove the limits we have when working with VMware vSphere Networking, VMware NSX does that by using a different approach i.e VXLAN removing any trunking level dependency from the underlying Physical Network, I have dedicated couple of articles talking about NSX here are the links for your reference VMware NSX - Overview,Overview VMware NSX Distributed Firewall & An Insight to VMware NSX Layers

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