Thursday 26 May 2016

Azure PaaS Cloud Services

In our couple of blog post related to Azure we discussed about Understanding Microsoft AzureVirtual Networks ,Azure ManagementTools , Azure Virtual Machines ,Demystified Azure Websites and Securing Azure Virtual Machines .

In this article will talk about Azure Paas Cloud Services which can be used to host websites or any other web service that can be addressed through HTTP protocol. 

Before we proceed further with PaaS cloud service it is important to understand that when we talk about a Cloud Service we are referring to either a Cloud Service that is used for hosting the IaaS virtual machine like your on premises infrastructure or a cloud service which is used to host web and worker roles.

Paas Cloud Service
  • PaaS Cloud Service can include web roles (For hosting the front end of the cloud services IIS) and worker roles for the execution of the asynchronous tasks.
  • We can create multiple instances of web roles and worker roles to achieve scalability.
  • Azure Storage account and SQL database are used for storing the information about your PaaS cloud Service.
  • Developers can create PaaS cloud service by Visual Studio by making the use of Publishing Wizard.
  • Service Code deployment can also be done from the Azure Portal by uploading the configuration files and the service package.
  • PaaS can run in various phases (Development),(Staging),(Production).
  • During Development Cloud Service is running on Developer's Local Machine
  • During Staging Cloud Service is deployed to Staging Slot.
  • For Production Cloud Service is Deployed to a Production Slot.

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