Friday 20 November 2015

VMware vSphere Auto Deploy

vSphere Auto Deploy

Vmware vSphere Auto Deploy is a method of provisioning ESXi hosts.

With Auto Deploy ESXi Image is streamed across the network to the host and is loaded directly into the memory.

When the host is shut down the state of the host is lost but can be streamed into memory again when the host is powered back on.

vSphere Auto deploy simplifies host management and also eliminates the need of maintaining a separate boot image for each ESXi host.

vSphere Auto deploy can be configured without a boot disk and all the information is stored off the host and managed by vCenter Server (Image State, Configuration state, Running State,Event Recording).

Auto Deploy Architecture

vSphere Auto Deploy server: 
Serves images and host profiles to ESXi hosts. The server is at the heart of the Auto Deploy infrastructure.

vSphere Auto Deploy rules engine: 
Informs the vSphere Auto Deploy server which image and host profiles to serve to which host.

Image profiles
Define the set of VIBs with which to boot ESXi hosts. 

Host Profiles: 
Templates which define an ESXi host’s configuration (networking or storage setup). You can save the host profile for an individual host and reuse it to reprovision that host. 

Answer files: 
Stores host-specific information.

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